Friday, February 13, 2015

you know what grinds my gears?: teens who think they're all that and the new iphone.

yes so i know everyone went through the dark time of the 8 month SWAG and YOLO plague. Thank god that was overused and died from attention whores suffocating them. This is the result of the lazy parents who had the little shits from ten yeas ago. lets face it, the fact that the definition of teen is no longer 'zit-faced/porn retard' and now has to be defined as the idiotic names they've been calling themselves. So somehow we have to develop a society that is the future with a bunch of idiots that have the glass-eyed dreams of being lazy whores and pot-heads that don't work and still have enough money to go on and do whatever they want. I mean is it so wrong to want them to have their parents boot their asses to the curb and have them live without their shit for a month.

Imagine it; a world where stupid people no longer exist anymore should be the entire nations dream!
                  all of them being completly null in society.
why we could walk the streets without ignorance polluting everything! but alas we still need to live in this reality where it is accetable to do nothing and receive something.

I mean look at it this way, the path we're letting the kids go down involves them becoming more and more ignorant and egostical. the kids today believe they're heading into the world with everything they need. reality is they're going out there with a bun in the oven and a pocketful of hemp filled dreams.

Recall the tale of the cricket and the ants,
the cricket was an unprepared bastard, the ants were worthy litle dicks get over it

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