Monday, March 2, 2015

Lets discuss my ex >:D *name s are changed **names that have a similaritly are completly coincidental dont think its especially about people you know ***everything aside from names are true

Let discuss my ex, Josh. Because i'm in the mood to express my encounter of 'true love.'
 Josh is one of those guys who on first look is the dream guy. The guy who is every girls dream. I loved his wit and his boyish charm and couldn't fathom why he was always being dumped by every girl he dated.

O christ if i could go back now and bitch smack myself. The mans a twat, he dumped me after a year of dating, not that unheard of and i only cried about three days before getting over it. this prick continued to call me and come over to my house to hang out. it was like the idiot broke up with me, the fuck would i want him around me for a while. but maybe thats why i was constantly thinking eventually we'd get back together! But oh no, it was the constant flirting and the snuggling and kissing. Oh and to make matters worse he moved into my house because he made it seem like his family ABANDONED HIM. His parents went on a honeymoon and brought his grandparents along so they could have a nice anniversary. 

Just to find out when I was at my dads one weekend he made out with my best friend.

She had no idea about the situation, then started the whole thing about him going off home studies to go back to normal school. So my mom put in all this time and money to get him back into school, just so he could fuck it all up. The fuckin' idiot decided that it was okay for a 19 yr old man to date a 13 year old girl, oh and here's the kicker, SHE'S MY YOUNGER COUSIN THAT HAPPENS TO HAVE THE SAME NAME AS ME.

That same name thing comes into play a little down the line.

So he proceeds to date her for like a week before my mother, father, aunt and uncle told them to stop dating which then causes them to be watched like a hawk by Morgan and me. The jackass dumps her and ends up dating another girl within the same day. She hated me for awhile then ended up dating another guy, and Josh dated a girl that everyone said looked a lot like me. There's where the name thing comes in!

The problem is everyone tried to tell me that it was obvious he wasn't over me and i insisted it wasn't true. I don't know maybe im just blind to the truth.

Anyway, Josh had a bad habit of springing random shit on us like suddenly deciding to bring his girlfriend to my niece's birthday party. That one was a trip, morning before school;

Josh: Hey by the way my girlfriends coming over for Lizzie's party tonight.

Me: huh?

So I decided to get back at him in a most amusing way, with my helpful cosmetologist sister. I decked my self out, there wasn't a single person that didn't tell me how beautiful I was, So after the party I went home, turns out the girl is also staying at my house for the night. By the way my mom and dad had no clue that Josh's girlfriend was coming over, they didn't know until she arrived at our house that day. Then when we got home he had the nerve to say that I was dressed inappropriately I looked him square in the eyes and told him "Fuck you this is my house I dress how I want."

Then we go a week or so down the line he's cryin' like a bitch in my brother's room. Because she broke up with him, he was going on about how she was the love of his life and he was going to marry her. And i'm sitting there like, the fuck would you marry someone you don't even fully know? Then like an hour later the phone rings and hes suddenly back together with her. yeah such tragedy you were apart for but a day.

Then a month later he sleeps with her.
And I overhear a conversation of him breaking up with her!
He dated her for three months to get in her pants.
Then dumped her when he got what he wanted.

No wonder he dumped me, sexiest thing we did was french kiss at the library.

How fucking stupid. 

Then it proceeds to be about his grades, I wanted to fucking hit him with a shovel. He refused to take one of his mid-semester finals, 90% of the time he wasn't at his class he was out smoking weed. he'd piss away any money that he had on pot, or stupid shit like these super fine decorative Japanese blades, he fucking destroyed them in seconds. $180 pissed down the drain because he though you could use them to chop wood.

So after all the time my mom put into getting him back to normal school she had to get him enrolled in a different school that was strictly on computers, then the idget gets the nerve to go about and nearly flunk point and click academy. I was glad i didn't go to his graduation because in all honesty he didn't fucking deserve it.

The asshole also had this issue about hygiene, He went four MONTHS, not days not weeks MONTHS without a FUCKING SHOWER. Brush teeth, Brush hair, yeah totally keeping hygienic. This was so disgusting, no one wanted to let him in the house because he smelt so bad!

And he left Porn magazines out where my little brother could see them. He couldn't even fathom why everyone was pissed at him. my brother just about had a fucking panic attack because the air in their room was unbreathble.        

Literally my 15 year old brother comes to me in tears on the verge of having an anxiety attack, having trouble breathing in his room with the window open and a fan on.

So then after I go to college I find out all this stuff he was doing.

Like he would take my little brother on walks and stuff one day my youngest brother *8* is with his friend and josh on a walk. Next day my little brother is suspended from school for having pot in his backpack. My 8 year old brother has it in his Permanent record that he brought pot to school, Guess who freaked when a cop rounded the corner while he was smoking a joint and thus decided to hide the evidence in the little boys bag. same shit head who let the little boy smoke pot.

I wanted to literally kill him.

Thank god that faggot is gone. I hate him so much more then a normal person should hate someone.

And the worst thing about it is that if i had never dated him then this all could have been avoided.

'Hell haveth no fury like a woman's scorn, 
Especially if said woman is a jilted lover.'

BITCH OUT            


Friday, February 13, 2015

you know what grinds my gears?: teens who think they're all that and the new iphone.

yes so i know everyone went through the dark time of the 8 month SWAG and YOLO plague. Thank god that was overused and died from attention whores suffocating them. This is the result of the lazy parents who had the little shits from ten yeas ago. lets face it, the fact that the definition of teen is no longer 'zit-faced/porn retard' and now has to be defined as the idiotic names they've been calling themselves. So somehow we have to develop a society that is the future with a bunch of idiots that have the glass-eyed dreams of being lazy whores and pot-heads that don't work and still have enough money to go on and do whatever they want. I mean is it so wrong to want them to have their parents boot their asses to the curb and have them live without their shit for a month.

Imagine it; a world where stupid people no longer exist anymore should be the entire nations dream!
                  all of them being completly null in society.
why we could walk the streets without ignorance polluting everything! but alas we still need to live in this reality where it is accetable to do nothing and receive something.

I mean look at it this way, the path we're letting the kids go down involves them becoming more and more ignorant and egostical. the kids today believe they're heading into the world with everything they need. reality is they're going out there with a bun in the oven and a pocketful of hemp filled dreams.

Recall the tale of the cricket and the ants,
the cricket was an unprepared bastard, the ants were worthy litle dicks get over it

Bitch Out