Wednesday, October 1, 2014

You know what grinds my gears: Pity Party People

Yeah so you know what i'm gonna bitch about,
People who think there lives are independently the worst thing to happen in all of existence. You know the kind their the kind that when you sit there and try to enjoy their company and tell them about how you just lost a loved one or had something stolen from you and they sit their and are like
"Oh yeah that's sad, reminds me of when my crackhead mom beat me over the head with a bat."
And your just sitting there like,
 "OK when in the fuck did i say anything that could have even remotely been in relation to your life?"
What makes it worse is when you have the person actually try to invoke feelings of pity from you. It's like who the hell do you think you are? A person who expects shit for their sad life is not a person deserving of my respect.
Like take my ex for example; He truley believed he had the worst life ever and used it as a way to get women to date him. He had a mom and dad that abused him, he quotes that his cousin who took him in said that his parents would beat him. here's the kicker he doesn't remember his parents, which of course leaves one to question why it is then he acts like he's still being beaten by them!

And i'm sitting there like; "okay and you live here because your adopted father was telling you, a 19yr.old layabout, that you had to go to school to get a job. Here at MY home, you believe you can do nothing and expect my mother to take care of everything for you. Hope you get buried alive you useless twat."

It's like he had nothing better to do! and it's fine if you don't talk about your life, i ain't askin ya for your life's story. you can keep to yourself because i could really give less of an amazing amount of fucks i have available for your life that you so graceciously want, YOU FUCKING DRAMA WHORES.

May everyday you live be a reminder of your sad, pathetic, and pointless life.

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