Friday, October 24, 2014

You know what grinds my gears?: Lazy Parents.

You know the type, the kind who sit by and let their kids scream kick and basically break a bunch of shit and treat people like crap. I hate kids. BECAUSE. OF. THESE. PEOPLE.

I just love it because they have a little brat running around and its obvious that they don't care what the little shit is doing, and quiet frankly don't care as long as they don't bother them. so you have them sitting there usually at a store, like the gap or a freakin' McDonalds and you just wanna pretty much bitch smack the kid.

Oh and god help it if you try to tell the kid "stop'' or something, their parent (usually the mom) comes running up, cussing and telling you something like "you cant talk to my child like that"
"who do you think you are"
and your sitting there like "I'm doing YOUR parenting job, you freakin idiot"  then you just wind up in a cuss out battle with an irrate women who's in denial about her little brat. i mean its like spnk the fuckin kid instead of telling them no, you dumb bitch. hope your fuckin kid bites someone with AIDS.

I'll tell you one thing i was spanked as a child and i now suffer a mental condition called "RESPECT FOR OTHERS"

The youth of tomorrow are being poisoned by the messages of today, 
"hate everyone for no reason and be stupid for every reason."


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