Tuesday, September 30, 2014

School Life

All righty then where do i begin....
probably at the beginning of course
here i am trying to live my life; go to school, get a job, become a great graphic designer and live my life in as painless a way as possible. ONLY THING IS, i have terrible roommates. they beligerent drunks who have little, if any, idea on how the fuck this world works. They always piss and moan about how they never seem have enough money on hand, how they're always starving despite the fact they eat more food then i do and won't even let me eat food i have in the fucking pantry!
Yes i admit i don't buy groceries, there's a reason for that. i pitched $20 in for groceries ONCE, and they used it to buy alcohol and candy. imagine if you will the fact that they went out with literally $120 and came back with CRAP and BOOZE.  I don't drink alcohol, i stimulates the time i almost died of hypothermia so i avoid it like the plague, they did that and then expect me to pitch in money every time they do that.
i get it, they're mommies aren't here to give them the bitch slap in the face they all need, but one of them is 22 and obviously needs to understand that does not grant you the right to make stupid decisions. but due to the fact that they have jobs and i can't find one ( you figure with the scholarship i got it would be a one stop shop, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO i have to scrape the literal bottom of the barrel for a way to feed my self AND pay for the fucking rent) so i've been saving what little i have to pay for those things in order to keep the apartment. one of my roommates actually had the nerve to ask why i was so stingy with my money. "GEE I DON'T KNOW, MAYBE YOU COULD ASK POSER CHOLA AND THE HUMAN FLESHLIGHT WHY I DON'T WANTYOU GUYS WASTEING MY MONEY ON STUPID SHIT WE DON'T EVEN NEED."

Next topic:
they wipe their asses and throw the shitty toilet paper in the wastebasket that sits right next to the toilet in the restroom. I'M THE ONLY WHO FLUSHES IT DOWN. that is my biggest fucking pet peeve, i will destroy you and make sure you understand why. they don't want to take their own shit out so what do they do, they tell me to do it. i had to because it was that or commit social suicide and not take it out.

there is this girl who above i've aptly nicknamed the human fleshlight. omg i've never hated people more. Every time she's around it's like this big void of despair fueled with the souls of unborn children, is sitting right there in the room. i've dealt with retarded women like this, She stalked this guy who flat out told her he was just using her to fuck a retarded 'blonde in a brunette's body' college girl. note the fact he called her a 'GIRL' he does not view her as a mature woman in any way. she can't even talk to someone normally unless she drops a 'you're a dumb fucking bitch' 'shut the fuck up you dumb bitch',
She steals everyones things and none of them call her out on it. she acts like a humble person but in reality is a whoreish person that can't understand why none of the guys next to us wanna give her a dick to suck. i moving at the end of this month to a different apartment so i'm leaving with all the high quality bath stuff she believes is hers. so sad to bad they all have to deal with her while i'm off furthering my education.

May every day you live be a reminder of how sad and pathetic you are and always will be.

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